Construction Contracts Act 2002 Workshop

The Construction Contracts Act (CCA) specifically exists to protect the construction supply chain. It was initially introduced to protect cashflow and provide an alternative dispute resolution process. More recently the Act was updated to protect retention monies. The legislation applies to all construction contracts, so there is no contracting out.

While the legislation came into force on 1 April 2003, it still remains a mystery to some.

Training 1

Workshop Overview

This workshop provides an overview of the legislation including more recent amendments regarding retentions. 

With all construction contracts, the invoice follows the Payment Schedule. If you run a construction business or if you are a client to the construction industry, it is important to understand the difference between the Payment Claim, Payment Schedule, and the invoice.

Topics covered:

  • Key terms and defintions
  • How to submit claims under CCA
  • How to issue Payment Schedules under the CCA
  • The abjudication process
  • CCA amendments

Who should attend:

  • Project managers
  • Administrators
  • Engineers
  • Quantity surveyors
  • Construction clients

Availability for training sessions and bookings

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