Cook Landing Site Bridge

Cook Landing Site Bridge

Cook Landing Site Bridge Department of Conservation
2019 (on hold)

The Department of Conservation wished to redevelop the Cook Landing Site reserve in time for the 250-year celebrations in 2019.

ProfiQS was initially engaged to deliver Early Contract Involvement (ECI) with regard to a proposed bridge at the historic site, with a view to further work on procurement.

ECI is about achieving objectives to get to the next stage of a project when time or availability of contractors is short. By the end of the process of ECI, the risks should be understood and minimised in order to reach a price for the project.

We delivered the ECI phase and associated cost assurance (reviewing estimates of prices from contractors and providing a report to the client) before the design was completed.

After the design was completed we prepared the procurement plan and the project was put out to tender. The project is currently on hold.