Gisborne Airport Project

Gisborne Airport Project

Gisborne Airport Terminal Redevelopment Eastland Group/Gisborne District Council
Project budget $12.5M

The project was to demolish the existing terminal building and build a brand new terminal (ongoing).

ProfiQS had worked with Eastland Group on various projects previously and we were initially engaged to help with drafting and reviewing the construction contract for the terminal redevelopment.

The main part of our work, however, was to provide an Engineer to Contract (ETC) during the life of the project.

An interesting issue that came up on this project was the sheer volume of work that can be generated by a knowledgeable contractor on a high value project. This includes reviewing claims, overheads, dealing with curve balls and occasionally clarifying the legal position.

One of the ETC's responsibilities is to make sure the contractor's claims are valid and correct in terms of entitlement. Since the claims can be in excess of $100,000 per week it is in both the client's and contractor's interests for the ETC to treat this role with meticulous care and attention to detail. Rather like a lawyer, if there is a discrepancy or disagreement the ETC needs to take responsible, legal determinations, come up with an answer to the problem and convince both client and contractor. The ETC role is of substantial value to the client in terms of saving time and money.