Wharfside Log Yard

Wharfside Log Yard

Wharfside Log Yard Eastland Port
Project budget $11M

Eastland Port redeveloped the Wharfside Log Yard to increase its capacity. The project included some earthworks and resurfacing the entire surface of the yard.

ProfiQS was involved with the project from the outset, providing procurement planning and support. We were also engaged to provide an Engineer to Contract (ETC) on this project.

One of the duties of the ETC is to assess claims for extension of time. Where a contractor feels they have been delayed in completing the project they are entitled to an extension of time. An interesting question arises with concurrent extension of time claims: if two claims occur over the same time period is the contractor entitled to twice the extension? In this case, the ETC determined that as two different factors caused a concurrent delay rather than consecutive delays, this meant that only one delay occurred in actuality.

The ETC must act fairly and impartially in making assessments, and use their experience and reasoning to make judgements regarding the letter of the contract. The position often requires diplomacy, particularly where an issue may be seen as a grey area. For a project where weekly payment claims may be well over $100,000 it is important to both parties to have an impartial, knowledgable expert in the role of Engineer to Contract.