Gisborne Inner Harbour

Gisborne Inner Harbour

Gisborne Inner Harbour Redevelopment Gisborne District Council
Project budget $9.6M

The project was to transform the inner harbour waterfront area through new and upgraded parking, new toilet facilities, green spaces with landscaping, improved lighting, and footpaths and cycleways.

On all three phases of the redevelopment works ProfiQS was engaged to provide an Engineer to Contract (ETC). The ETC sits between the client and the contractor and one of the key functions is to value the work and certify variations.

A point of difference with this project was the measure and value contract. Typically, most contracts are quoted up front, so variations would add a lump sum to the contract.

However, in the case of a measure and value contract, the work is initially quoted by rates and is measured as it is completed, arriving at a total project cost. Therefore changes under this type of contract to accommodate new items of work require new rates to be added, not a lump sum variation.