Wharf 7 Redevelopment

OPRP Draft

Wharf 7 Redevelopment Eastland Port Limited
Project budget $100.00M

Eastland Port Ltd (EPL) was looking for a Contractor for the proposed upgrade of Wharf 7, as well as the southern end of Wharf 6. The upgrade is to accommodate new, larger tugboats at Wharf 6 and larger ships at Wharf 7. Additionally, Wharf 7 is past its design life and EPL have identified that the ongoing cost of repairs and refurbishment at Wharf 7 justifies a full replacement of the wharf.

ProfiQS was engaged to serve as Procurement Lead and Engineer to Contract in a multiple staged ECI (Early Contractor Involvement) process to find Contractor’s who were able to lend their expertise in marine projects to the design of the new Wharf 7.

The Wharf 7 upgrade is separated into two stages, the early contractor involvement (ECI) stage and the construction stage. Which involved the procurement of two Contractors that would go onto be involved in assisting the clients engineering team in the design and detailed design of Wharf 6 & 7. Following the completion of this process the Contract will be tendered between the two Contractor’s and the successful tenderer will construct the finished design. ProfiQS will be serving as Engineer to Contract for this construction.